About CalgarySITE

Over the years we found it more and more difficult and time consuming to locate and look at various business ratings and reviews scattered all over the Web. This made us determined to create an easier and quicker way to view all these metrics in one place. We therefore decided to gather rating and review data from numerous sources and consolidate it into a simple format that is easy to view and interpret. Going further, we also used this data along with a unique proprietary algorithm to produce “top 10” lists of Calgary’s best businesses in various categories, such as shopping, travel, fitness, construction, computers and more.

Why search for reviews and ratings on Google, Yelp, Facebook and so on when you can find it all in one place neatly wrapped up and easy to interpret.

Let CalgarySITE help you decide which businesses are best for you!

A unique listing of best businesses and organizations in Calgary. Browse our website for listings of top Calgary business.

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